Foundation Layout

Jul 21, 2014

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After the demo, an engineer comes out to the site and stakes out the property for elevation levels. You want to leave the stakes in the ground as long as possible to use as reference points. The stakes give us the intersections of the string lines. The strings will run from corner to corner to corner to create a box. To ensure that the house is square, check and double-check all measurements. If there are any mistakes you want to catch them before you pour the footings. Using the string points as guides, we lay out the plan according to the blueprints. The map of the house is painted out on the ground. There is a two-foot over-dig around the outside of the house. The extra two feet allows for space to work on the framing.

Foundation Layout:

· After Demo An Engineer Stakes Out The Property For Elevation Levels

· Leave the Stakes in the Ground to Use as Reference Points

· String Lines Create a Box

· Ensure the House is Square by Checking Double-Checking Measurements

· Map of House Painted on Ground

· Leave a Two-Foot Over-Dig Around the Outside of The Home To Allow for Space When Framing

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