Pinpointing Footings

Jul 21, 2014

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Using the GPS, Robotic Total Station, the site is surveyed. The contractor inputs the exact engineering points into the computer and then matches those points on the site using the satellite system. The measurements are precise and calculated to the tenth. Using the GPS as a guide the string lines are marked showing where the foundation walls and corners are located. Setting pins are dug into the soil at the corners. Using the string lines the horizontal rebar is bent and laid along the lines then the footing forms are installed. Before pouring in the concrete the rebar is tied above the dirt.

Pinpointing Footings:

· Using A GPS System The Site Is Surveyed

· The Engineering Points Are Entered Into GPS & Matched On-Site Using A Satellite

· The GPS Measurements Are Precise to the Tenth

· String Lines Are Marked on the Site

· Setting Pins Are Placed in the Corners

· Horizontal Rebar is Bent and Laid Along the String Lines

· Footing Forms Are Installed

· Before Pouring Concrete Horizontal Rebar is Tied Above the Dirt

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