Preparing for the Demolition

Jun 01, 2014

Please call us at (973) 750-8415

Town Requirements for Demolition:

1. Utilities (Gas, Water, Electric, Sewer, Phone and Cable)
2. Letter of Termination (Deed, Reason for Termination)
3. Rodent Control Letter
4. Asbestos Control Letter
5. Board of Health Letter (Septics, Dust Control)
6. Soil Conservation Letter (Water Runoff)

Divak Developers has licensed and insured demolition contractors to wreck and remove your home. We get your home inspected for hazardous materials. If your home contains asbestos, we go through the proper procedure for the remediation. If you have any salvageable materials in your home, we will remove recyclables and reuse materials that can be recycled.

If you have any questions for your project, please call us at (973) 750-8415 or email us at or goto the contact us form by clicking here.

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