Temporary Electrical Service

Jun 01, 2014

Please call us at (973) 750-8415

Temporary electric service setup should be started when the permit process is being initiated. It should be included in your original building permit for electric. There is a section on the application for this temporary setup. Due to the checks and balances within the town for the permitting process, being proactive and pre-emptively applying for the temporary setup will save money, but more importantly time. If your electrical service is not setup by the time you start construction, construction might get delayed or the crew will have to work using generators which isn’t as efficient as power from a grid.

The construction tracking pad is used for access to the job site to prevent mud and construction debris from spilling over into the public areas of the town. This pad consisting of filter fabric and crushed stone will keep the town roads as clean as possible and to prevent damage to them, as well as eliminate hazards to increase safety for the crew and existing neighbors.

If you have any questions for your project, please call us at (973) 750-8415 or email us at info@divakdevelopers.com or goto the contact us form by clicking here.

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