The Cutsheet

Jul 21, 2014

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After the demo, an engineer comes out to the site and stakes out the property. The eight stakes reflect the level of elevation at each stake. The information gathered by the engineer creates a cutsheet. The cutsheet is laid out in a square giving you the string lines from the front to back and side to side dimensions of the house. Using the elevation levels on the cutsheet the contractor will determine how much needs to be cut in each corner of the house. The cutsheet also lists where a fill is needed to reach the desired first floor elevation.


· An Engineer Stakes Out the Elevation Levels on the Property

· The Information Is Gathered on a Cutsheet

· The Cutsheet is a Square Giving You the String Lines From the Front to Back and Side to Side of the House

· Using Elevation Levels Contractor Will Determine How Much Needs to be Cut or Filled From Corners of the House to match the First Floor Elevation.

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